Wednesday, 23 July 2014

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Industrial Applications

Alarm management systems

the benefits of third party software

Automation and Communication

When it comes to selecting an enterprise-wide alarm management system, businesses should consider the pros and cons of a third party specific...

Clean food production

with aseptic drives

A leading European fruit processor replaced its glass jar filling line to maintaining strict hygiene standards while improving its energy efficiency....

Milk-processing company

invests in energy efficiency technology

La Compagnie des Fromages milk-processing company is reducing its energy usage and CO2 emissions by investing in industrial refrigeration, key...

Aeration, mixing and pumping equipment

for Brasilian wastewater treatment plant

Processing Machinery

Sulzer has delivered state-of-the-art aeration, mixing and pumping applications to a new wastewater plant in Campos do Jordão, Brazil. This...

Process control system

for butter, yoghurt, cheese and milk

Automation and Communication

A process control system with specialized modules for dairy production has allowed an Austrian dairy producer to improve the efficiency of its...

A sensor worth its salt

enhances process reliability

Pumps, Valves and Fittings

“Zout” is Dutch for salt and since that is precisely what Frisia Zout produces, it is hardly surprising that their tanks and pipes are filled...

Syringe handling solution

with a small footprint

Processing Machinery

Mitsubishi Electric and Robotronic present a handling solution for supplying pre-filled syringes to an end-of-line packing system. It takes up...

Autonomous mobile inspection robots

detect and localize gas leaks

Measurement and Instrumentation

Detection of gas leaks in industrial facilities can be dangerous and time-consuming; furthermore it is susceptible to human error and interpretation....

Conveyor chains deliver savings

on brewery pallet system

Processing Machinery

For a brewery in Europe, as for many manufacturers, efficient pallet transportation was crucial to maintain a cost effective production regime....

Gearbox design

delivers savings for wastewater applications

Gearboxes are used throughout the wastewater industry; in filtering, pumping, settlement, thickening and aerating equipment. During replacement...

Explosion-protected mobile computers

for mobile maintenance

Automation and Communication

The latest generation of explosion-protected mobile computers for mobile maintenance is not only ruggedized and easy to handle, but also remarkably...

Ruggedized PLCs

boost processing uptime at Lapland gold mine

Automation and Communication

The Agnico Eagle's gold mine in Lapland is updating its automation system with eight ruggedized PLCs for controlling equipment in harsh conditions...

Monitoring/batch control

for chemical distribution

Automation and Communication

When Brenntag, a global market leader in chemical distribution needed to replace its effluent monitoring and batch control systems, it turned...

Zero liquid discharge

treatment process for waster water

Processing Machinery

During improvement of microstructures of materials such as metals and alloys industrial wastewater is generated. Bodycote decided to replace...

Sensing demand

for major soup maker

Automation and Communication

Campbell Soup Company, the leading soup maker in the U.S., upgrades to the newest version of Terra Technology’s Demand Sensing solution. Demand...

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