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Industrial Applications

Smart Process Valves and Safety Control Valves

Plant managers can upgrade existing control structures to PLc or SIL1 with a compact solution and minimal changes to the circuit. Bürkert's safety valves are a cheap solution to the problem, since they reduce energy usage and increase productivity

Pumps, Valves and Fittings

The food and beverage industry has increased levels of automation to help meet food safety standards and personnel safety legislation. By...

UniStream PLC with 10.4-inch Touchscreen HMI

The PLC uses Canbus communication to communicate to remote I/O, including thermocouple inputs. Among the numerous communication options, the Unistream interfaces easily with other non-Unitronics devices, making monitoring easy

Automation and Communication

Steam is an important component of meat processing. Djurdjevic, a meat production company, wanted to automate the boiler they...

Bio-Chemical Conversions

Researches from Technische Universität München (TUM) developed a new bio-inspired zeolite catalyst that might allow a small scale “gas-to-liquid” effective conversion of methane

Equipment and Services

In an era of depleting mineral oil resources natural gas is becoming ever more relevant, even though the gas is difficult to transport and not...

Cogeneration World and Biogas

In the light of achieving higher level of energy efficiency, Amadori – one of Italy’s leading companies in the agro-food sector – chose AB to build and install a biogas fueled cogeneration plant in its sites in Cesena and Teramo

Processing Machinery

AB proves itself once again to be an important partner for Amadori, a leading food manufacturing company in Italy and Europe, especially...

Radical-Chic Measurement Technology

Operating at a frequency of 80 GHz, Vegapuls 64 sets new standards in radar level measurement technology for liquids. The high frequency sensor is especially suitable for application in the pharmaceutical and biotech industries with its hygienic design

Measurement and Instrumentation

The focusing properties of a radar measuring instrument depend on the transmission frequency and the effective antenna surface. By using a transmission...

On-Site Hydraulic Hose Assembly

Bringing hydraulic hose assembly in-house may be the only sensible option for customers who are a long distance from a reliable source of parts and expertise or who have a frequent requirement to make or repair hoses

Equipment and Services

For anyone running a site or operation where hydraulics is used extensively on plant and equipment - especially if that set-up is distant from...

Underground Maintenance

The tunnel that connects an important National Grid cable from England to Wales is placed some 70m below ground

Pumps, Valves and Fittings

As the first Severn Bridge approaches its 50th anniversary, the millions of drivers that cross it each year will be blissfully unaware of just...

Principles to Minimize Waste

Lean principles can help companies transform the quality, productivity and flexibility of their operations

Automation and Communication

In the decades since Toyota emerged as one of the world's leading manufacturing organisations, there has been growing interest in the approach...

Detecting Gas Leaks in Time

Infrared gas detection cameras used in chemical production processes need to visualize fugitive gas leaks easily and quickly to prevent dangerous and costly situations. Optical gas imaging technology is often a safe solution

Measurement and Instrumentation

Chemical compounds and gases are invisible to the naked eye. Yet many companies work intensively with these substances before, during and after...

Towards Pharmaceutical Independence

Dr. Guy Dovi-Akué gave up his position as chief physician at a German hospital and founded the company Do Pharma in Togo. Sterilization of infusion bottles became his main concern in a setting affected by severe epidemics

Processing Machinery

Medicine is in short supply in sub-Saharan Africa – even basic medications are difficult to obtain. This led Dr Guy Dovi-Akué to give up his...

Pressure Measurement: Ways and Possibilities

FoxCal multiple calibration technology, now available in the new Foxboro® S Series, offers differential pressure measurement

Measurement and Instrumentation

When evaluating a pressure measurement application, instrument engineers must consider many essential criteria to ensure correct ordering and...

Magnetic and Optical Sensors?

When working in the field of analytical technology, it’s fundamental to implement all the necessary measures to meet stringent existing requirements

Automation and Communication

The components deployed in the field of analytical technology are subject to stringent requirements, particularly sensors installed as part of...

Pump Maintenance

Although technology has evolved since much of the equipment in the power generation sector was manufactured, it is possible to improve reliability and efficiency by remanufacturing certain components as part of the regular maintenance program

Equipment and Services

The power generation sector, like many others, is under constant pressure to minimize downtime and maximize productivity. This means pump equipment...

All-in-One PLC+HMI Vision1040 for Hydroelectric Turbines

By using Unitronics PLC + HMI all-in-one units to automate their turbines, EV ensures powerful control and a great user experience to customers

Automation and Communication

EV is an Italian company that designs and manufactures hydroelectric turbines. EV considers automation as an important part of...

Cogeneration in Pharmaceutical Plants

Patheon Italia chose to build a cogeneration plant from AB ECOMAX®Natural Gas Line inside its own production plants to adopt a "green" and cost-effective policy

Processing Machinery

Cogeneration has proved to be an economically and environmentally friendly technology that is ideal for highly specialised sectors such as the...

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