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New Industrial Products

compact hammer mill

for hard, crystalline or fibrous substances

Posted on September 15, 2009 - ( views)

by Constanze Schmitz

Suited for milling small quantities of products the compact HammerWitt- LAB hammer mill is designed for R&D use as well as for milling and pulverization high-value quantities measured in terms of kilograms. The device is compatible with the ConiWitt mill. By switching the milling head, the HammerWitt-LAB can be converted into either the ConiWitt-150 or the ConiWitt-200. Using stainless steel and plastic seals conforming to FDA standards, it complies with the requirements of the food, chemical, and pharmaceutical industries. It is especially suited for processing hard, crystalline or fibrous substances. Depending on the raw material and required end product, one can use the percussion (hammer) side or the cutting (knife) side, or sieves, as well as perforated plates by using the conical sieve rotor in the ConiWitt configuration. The side-mounted rotor simplifies cleaning and maintenance and keeps heat effects of the machine on the product to a minimum. Monoblock design housing prevents product residue sticking, while enhancing containment. 

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