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New Industrial Products

Dense phase conveying

with mini-double vessel

Posted on March 8, 2010 - ( views)

by Constanze Schmitz

These dense phase conveying systems with pressure vessels are utilized for all processes that require gentle conveying, low segregation, low wear as well as low air and energy consumption. They have been designed with mini-pressure vessels to replace rotary valves in existing conveying plants respectively in processes where limited ceiling height is available for the conveying system. The system PTAD 20 combines the advantages of a plug conveying system with the advantages of a space-saving execution. The system consists of two 20l pressure vessels which guarantee continuous operation. Either the conveying vessels are delivered with a common inlet tube or they are directly connected to the upstream process. This makes installation heights of 750mm possible. Depending on the choice of tube diameter (DN65-DN100) and on the product to be conveyed, capacities of 4-10m3/h can be achieved. It is suited for the gentle conveying of products like milk powder, whey powder, gelatine, granules and various premixes.

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