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Electromagnetic flowmeter

measures conductive liquids

Posted on November 1, 2009 - ( views)

by Constanze Schmitz

Batchflux 5500 is a filling electromagnetic flowmeter (EMF) for the measurement and dosing of conductive liquids such as juice, beer and milk products. It is very compact and offers gap-free, fused-in-place Cermet electrodes to meet maximum hygienic requirements. The measuring tube is made of durable ceramic which features high pressure stability, high temperature shock resistance and remains stable during common hot water or steam cleanings. High long-term stability of these devices was proved during cooperative research with the PTB (National Metrology Institute). During the tests, the devices were subjected to 600 simulated CIP cleaning cycles, followed by 60 sterilisations with hot steam, corresponding to a device life of 4-5 years in average operation. The tests showed that the ceramic devices had an average deviation of 0.05% compared to the tests in new condition, as well as stable reproducibility at various flow rates. They were about six times as stable as comparable devices with plastic liners.

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