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New Industrial Products

Hydrazine injection system

for power plants

Posted on October 1, 2009 - ( views)

by Constanze Schmitz

RHV Variable Speed Valveless Piston Pumps with ceramic internals, offer a solution for directly injecting Hydrazine into water and steam systems used in power plant applications. In most power plants Hydrazine is typically used as an anti corrosion agent and is pre-mixed and diluted before injection. This requires special holding tanks, large pumps and constant maintenance. The RHV System eliminates these concerns by injecting concentrated hydrazine directly into the water lines at system pressure, without dilution. It will inject hydrazine at rates from 0.2 to 180 milliliters per minute at an accuracy of 1% or better.It is self priming and will not lose prime even at very low flow rates. The integral miniature pump head features chemically inert, sapphire-hard ceramic internals. It is controlled by a V300 Variable Speed Controller, which includes a 4-20 mA electronic control input, typically used in process control applications. The unit has a small footprint and is energy efficient, operating at less than 50 watts. The V300 accepts a universal power input of 100-240VAC 50/60Hz.

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