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New Industrial Products

Insulated outdoor enclosures

provide protection for field instrumentation

Posted on December 13, 2010 - ( views)

by Constanze Schmitz

The environmental protection of larger-scale instrumentation installations is made easy by a range of highly insulated outdoor enclosures from the field equipment protection company, Intertec. The BASIC VARIO range of wall- or floor-mounting enclosures is made using sandwich-construction technique, with GRP (glass reinforced polyester) skins enclosing a thick layer of insulating foam. The construction technique delivers an excellent thermal conductivity or 'k' value rating of ~1.5W/m2K. This provides a highly efficient solution for protecting against frost and condensation and/or providing regulated temperature environments for sensitive field instrumentation - one that offers a quick payback from energy savings compared with many common types of metal enclosures. As standard, the range provides a rectangular-shaped enclosure in a choice of three standard sizes of 105x64, 105x84 or 105x104cm - with a depth of 35cm. These deliver a range of volumes that sit between the typical upper limits of many field instrument enclosure ranges and the smaller sizes of many outdoor cabinets. The volumes are large enough to accommodate several field process transmitters for example, sophisticated analytical instrumentation points, or complex electrical circuitry designs. The construction principle also means that custom sizes are easily provided. The enclosures meet the IP65 ingress protection standard - with Type 4X approval pending - and are fitted with a large hinged door (with or without windows) that provides easy access to the interior space. Tube and cable entry is very flexible and can be made through the rear or any of the four sides. The enclosures have flat exterior surfaces and are also free of any overhanging edges, allowing enclosures to be packed side by side or on top of each other. The enclosure surfaces are highly resistant to weather and the corrosive effects of aggressive chemicals. This makes then suited for applications in chemical, oil and gas plants

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