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New Industrial Products

Stainless steel identification system

increases security in plant engineering

Posted on May 28, 2010 - ( views)

by Constanze Schmitz

In the plants of the chemical, pharmaceutical, power, and food industries, liquids and gases are transported constantly through pipelines. Here it is crucial that these be marked unambiguously on the outside. Legal regulations -- but also operational safety -- require that test intervals and flow medium be easy and quick to identify. Bormann & Neupert offers especially long-lasting stainless steel identification systems that are far superior to the usual plastic labels. Benefits include: corrosion and weather-resistant, halogen-free and flameproof, they lie close to pipes, hoses, cables, and valves. For especially aggressive environments or higher hygienic requirements such as those in the beverage and food industries, models in 316 stainless steel or stainless steel with PPA coating are available. The identification systems consist of signs of three different dimensions and bands in appropriate lengths. The signs and bands have rounded edges and flattened-off corners. The patented closure on the bands is especially flat. The labeling can be done optionally with a dot matrix printer, laser or stamping. It is also possible to label the signs flexibly on-site with hand-stamping devices or embossing printers. On request, bands and signs are coated on one side with robust PPA. This coating is available in all RAL colors and thus enables the color coding of pipes and hoses. Flow medium and important legal test intervals can be identified as quickly as possible and without errors, even under unfavorable visual conditions. The EASY-READ identification system offers additional possibilities with individual letters, numbers, and symbols. The elements -- also made of stainless steel -- are put on EASY-STRIPES stainless steel carriers or directly on the stainless steel bands. For easy and quick application, special hand grippers are included. In just one step: span, seal, and cut the cable ties. This way, the pre-set tightening force is never exceeded. Thanks to this precise application of force, damage to the pipes marked is prevented and a longer lifespan is guaranteed.

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