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Steam Hoses

for up to 220°

Posted on August 12, 2010 - ( views)

by Constanze Schmitz

The DIN EN ISO 6134-certified Dampf Trix range of hoses by ContiTech is designed to transport saturated steam. It offers flexibility, electrical conductivity and high resistance to temperature, weathering, ozone and UV radiation. The temperature-resistant Dampf Trix 6000 had been developed especially for the reliable and safe transport of hot steam in the chemical and petrochemical industry, refineries, the construction industry, market gardens and shipbuilding. Its high quality EPDM, extremely heat-resistant inner and outer layers allow the hose to transport pure, saturated water steam of up to 210°C at 18bar, and up to 220°C at 23bar for short periods of time. The Dampf Trix 5000 also offers maximum safety when transporting saturated steam. The high-strength aramid pressure bearer gives this hose a much higher prolonged temperature resistance than conventional textile materials. With prolonged resistance to temperatures of 120°C for hot water and plus 164°C for steam, it is suited for heating up tank cars, as well as for use in the chemical and petrochemical industry, commercial construction and market gardens. Edited by: Constanze Schmitz

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