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New Industrial Products

Tailor-made level gauges

For a new, innovative production process

Posted on October 17, 2010 - ( views)

by Constanze Schmitz

In addition to the standard gauges that have so far been available for the visual and electrical monitoring of fluid levels in tanks and reservoirs, Walter Stauffenberg now also offer customised level indicators. A new, innovative production process makes it possible to manufacture special nominal sizes up to 670 mm ( even in small and medium quantities, but at a reasonable price. The special sizes are produced with millimetre precision according to the customer’s specifications. Even with the maximum length of 670 mm, stability is ensured by using struts. But not only the length is freely selectable up to 670 mm, it is also possible to choose from a variety of body materials, such as aluminium or stainless steel. Like the standard versions, the special sizes can be equipped with probes, thermo switches or temperature sensors. A version is also available for applications in low temperatures as cold as  -40°C.  

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