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New Industrial Products

Vertical axial pumps

designed for aggressive liquids

Posted on May 25, 2010 - ( views)

by Constanze Schmitz

EQUIPRO and KGK range of vertical axial pumps by Argal are designed for aggressive liquids and thoroughly injection moulded with thermoplastic polymers as polypropylene (PP) and polyvinylidene fluorine (PVDF) parts The pumps offer constructive solutions to increment reliability and extend useful life.
Ease of use, ease of maintenance, economical running costs independant of environments and applications are the basic engineering inputs implemented. The traditional long coupling design between pump and motor was compacted and enables to host electric IEC and NEMA standardised motors; and all parts subjected to wear, are available as pre-configured kits installable on site with common tools. The vertical pumps of Equipro range are short coupled and mated to the normalised electric motor with a solid joint. The motor bracket splits in two to expose the joint for easy inspection and simplified electric motor installation. Equipro pumps are designed for medium duties and limited intermittent use, max, flow of 50m3/h, heads of 40 m.w.c. and motor power up to 15kW. The Equipro range is made up by two series named KME and HME. KME are pumps with, immersed parts 600 – 800 – 1000 – 1250 – 1500mm long, guided shaft fitted at the extreme lower end with a sliding bearing made of chemical resistant material that stands friction and wear. The HME are pumps with, immersed parts 275 – 450mm long featuring an overhung guideless shaft, apt to pump liquid laden with solids and crystal particles and capable to stand dry running .It can a;so be operated also outside of the tank. The KGK vertical pumps range features a compact mechanical support that encases a roll bearing resistant to axial loads and lubricated with grease or oil; and a flexible joint that couples the pump to the standardised electric motor. These pumps are recommended for continuous duty and process application up to temperature of 80°C. The KGK range includes 3 sizes (G1, G2 and G3) while all models across each size share the main mechanical components: Size G1 delivers flows up to 30 m3/h, heads of 30 m.w.c. and electric motors up to 5,5 kw; Size G2 delivers flows up to 80 m3/h, heads of 40 m.w.c. and electric motors up to 15kw; Size G3 delivers flows up to 280 m3/h, heads of 80 m.w.c. and electric motors up to 45kw. Each pump model can be set to host three motors of increasing power to pump to the max flow liquids with specific weight up to 1,1 kg/dm3 – 1,35 kg/dm3 – 1,8 kg/dm3. The length of the immerse parts starts from a minimum of 500mm and reaches up to 4000mm by steps of 250mm.

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