Thursday, 30 October 2014

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Constanze Schmitz

Constanze SchmitzConstanze Schmitz holds the position of editor of Processing & Control News Europe (PCN Europe) since 2006. She is responsible for the editorial content of the print and digital issues of the magazine as well as the website
Before working as an editor for Thomas Industrial Media, Constanze Schmitz worked for its sister company Thomas International Publishing Company as editor for the industrial buying guide Thomas Register.

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Optical gas imaging camera

at improves environment and safety

Measurement and Instrumentation

Petrochemical plants often handle invisible gaseous hydrocarbons. They may be toxic, or cause health issues, others are highly flammable, and...

Product transfer and dispensing

under the regulatory microscope

Equipment and Services

Recent global economic challenges have caused most manufacturing sectors to focus heavily on maximizing cost-efficiency; however, food and beverage...

Hannover Messe named Russia

as partner country for Hannover Messe 2013

The Russian Federation has been named the upcoming Partner Country for HANNOVER MESSE 2013. This was announced on Thursday by Deutsche Messe...

Smart conveyor

lines up quiches

Processing Machinery

In the drive to reduce packaging and its resultant waste, a specialist machinery builder has developed a pressureless queuing conveyor for collating...

Efficient and safe

power plant automation

Automation and Communication

When the Salzgitter Flachstahl GmbH decided to expand its somewhat outdated power plant with two new thermal power plant units, it chose a technology,...

Nürnberg Convention Center

names new Director

The managing directors of NürnbergMesse, Dr. Roland Fleck and Peter Ottmann, have named Thorsten Böhm as the new Director of the NürnbergConvention...

Flexible polyurethane couplings

in heavy duty wastewater applications

Equipment and Services

Couplings play a critical role in wastewater processing. In a wastewater facility in New York City Dura-Flex couplings resist high loads, harsh...

Gear pump

offers two outlets

Pumps, Valves and Fittings

The introduction of processes such as foaming and co-extrusion to drive down costs in the production of pipe and profiles often involves the...

Bulk bag handling system

keeps compounding line clean

Processing Machinery

Elastomer manufacturer Kirkhill -TA Co has slashed inventories of carbon black and improved plant cleanliness, replacing a large silo storage...

Operator panels

from compact to complex

Automation and Communication

Beijer Electronics launched several new operator panel models in three integrated families, completing their offering of panels for every application...

Gas detectors

in floating liquified natural gas facilities

Measurement and Instrumentation

On FPSO’s gas detectors need to offer fast response but also need to be highly dependable even when faced with saltwater spray and the high...

Common problems

during the transfer of powder

Processing Machinery

There are three simple solutions to improve powder transfer; vacuum transfer, gravity feed and the use of valves. By selecting the most appropriate...

Safety systems ensure

boiler protection and burner control

Automation and Communication

In Boxberg (Saxony), Vattenfall Europe Generation AG operates one of the biggest and most modern lignite-fired power stations in Europe. For...

Flue gas desulphurization

by semi-dry process

Processing Machinery

The combustion of sulphurous organic substances releases sulphur oxides which are harmful to the environment and health. These compounds must...

Wireless technology

helps prevent shutdowns at power plant

Automation and Communication

At the Slough Heat and Power energy facility in the UK, wireless transmitters monitor changes in boiler condensate conductivity, detecting leaks...

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