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Beckhoff Automation GmbH

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Eiserstraße 5
33415 Verl

Tel.: +49-5246-9630
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Innovative drive system

May 2012

Innovative drive system

for high-speed material handling

The XTS drive system combines the previously separate advantages of rotary and linear systems. The result is a drive system that effectively...

Built-in panels

March 2012

Built-in panels

in stainless steel design

Built-in panels in a stainless steel design comply with the stringent requirements of the food, packaging and medical industries. The built-in...

Stainless steel servomotors

December 2011

Stainless steel servomotors

for the the food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries

The AM8800 series stainless steel motors by Beckhoff are implemented completely in a ‘hygienic design’; they can be used in extremely harsh...

Control technology

April 2011

Control technology

for foodstuff handling

The highly dynamic handling solution H 130 is designed for products and packaging in the foodstuffs industry. Its PC-based control system combines...

PC-based control

April 2009

PC-based control

for the food and drink industry

With this PC Control, the entire production process can be automated with a uniform control platform: in the drinks industry from injection molding...

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