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Flux-Geräte GmbH

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Talweg 12
75433 Maulbronn

Tel.: +49-7043-101-180
Fax: +49-7043-101-444

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Drum emptying system

February 2013

Drum emptying system

for transferring higher-viscosity materials

With its drum emptying system VISCOFLUX lite, FLUX-Geräte presents another variant of the VISCOFLUX family. VISCOFLUX lite is designed to transfer...

Barrel pumps

May 2012

Barrel pumps

with extended explosion protection

The FP 430 S Ex is the first model of a new barrel pump series with improved explosion protection. The pumps give users the necessary safety...

Mobile transfer system

February 2012

Mobile transfer system

for high-viscosity fluids

VISCOFLUX mobile drum emptying system is a stand-alone system with a mobile lifting device and a unit composed of motor, pump and follower plate...

Barrel and laboratory pump

May 2010

Barrel and laboratory pump

with one motor for several pump tubes

The Combiflux pumps by Flux-Geräte are constructed on the basis of the Juniorflux pumps. The high performance laboratory pumps are designed...

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