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GEA Tuchenhagen GmbH

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Am Industriepark 2-10
21514 Büchen

Tel.: +49-4155-492402
Fax: +49-4155-492428

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Process components

December 2011

Process components

for economic efficiency

GEA Tuchenhagen's VARIVENT mixproof sampling valves are suited as fully automatic sampling and dosing valves. This valve recommends itself for...

Sterile Valve series

October 2011

Sterile Valve series

offers various tank-bottom variants

GEA Tuchenhagen has completed its VESTA Sterile Valve series with various tank-bottom valve variants. This provides the users with a full range...

Centrifugal pumps

July 2010

Centrifugal pumps

for low flow volumes, up to 35m3/h

The TP 2050 centrifugal pump operates in the flow volume range of up to 35m3/h, and complements the existing GEA Tuchenhagen Variflow range of...


February 2009


designed for less complex tasks

The T-smart valve series is designed for basic functions; it is favorably priced and designed for less complex tasks. The series includes butterfly,...

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