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Hans Turck GmbH & Co. KG

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Witzlebenstraße 7
45472 Mülheim /Ruhr

Tel.: +49-208-49520
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Interface Devices IMX12

May 2015

Interface Devices IMX12

With high signal density, speed and accuracy

Turck is presenting at the Achema fair the IMX12 device series, a new generation of Ex isolated barriers and Ex analog signal isolators. With...

Remote I/O in Irish distillery -

April 2013

Remote I/O in Irish distillery -

Tradition and modernity

In the Irish Distillers whiskey distillery, a remote I/O proves that traditional manufacturing processes can also benefit from state-of-the-art...

Universal encoder

March 2013

Universal encoder

non-contact and wear-free

With the RI360P-QR24, TURCK offers a non-contact inductive universal encoder with high resolution, absolutely wear-free operation, which is at...

SIL2/Atex-approved sensors

June 2012

SIL2/Atex-approved sensors

with a flexible terminal chamber connection

Turck is presenting Namur sensors with SIL2 certification and Atex approval for use in the Ex area. The inductive proximity switches with a terminal...

Intelligent chocolate production

September 2011

Intelligent chocolate production

with integrated RFID solution

With an integrated RFID solution, confectionery manufacturers are able to identify every single form. Wireless identification of chocolate forms...

Compact temperature sensors

July 2011

Compact temperature sensors

with processing electronics integrated into the M12x1-connector

Turck presents a new series of compact temperature sensors with processing electronics integrated into the M12x1-connector. The miniature series...

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