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Thermal insulation

May 2012

Thermal insulation

for subsea applications

Vikotherm II subsea thermal insulation material offers improved elasticity, as well as enhanced process and manufacturing flexibility as the...

Improved seal life

June 2010

Improved seal life

in medical syringe pump

TriContinent Scientific was looking for a sealing solution for syringe pumps that would avoid premature seal failure and eliminate instrument...

White food hoses

November 2009

White food hoses

avoid static electrical charges

The white food grade compound of these hoses prevents the accelerated wear usually associated with static dissipation when transferring powdered...

Red wine through

September 2009

Red wine through

Hygienic Blue Hoses

There are many factors at play when making wine. For its annual production of five million bottles, the French wine cooperative USPDE in Saint-Emilion...

Polymer Products Used in Food and Water Applications

May 2009

Polymer Products Used in Food and Water Applications

From deep seas to productive fields, polymer products and solutions help to seal, damp, and protect in water and food applications. Here are some examples of that happening in practice.

In food production, polymers are at hand from the very beginning. In the cultivation of fields for crop growing, tires protect the soil from...

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