Friday, 25 July 2014

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New Industrial Products

Directional horn

for hazardous areas

Equipment and Services

Extending its range of signalling devices for hazardous areas, R. STAHL introduces the Yodalex line of warning devices which includes a high-performance...

Downflow workstations

operate at low noise levels

Equipment and Services

The DWS range of Downflow Workstations from Air Science give the operator safety where routine work is being carried out. These units operate...

IP67 wall mounted enclosures

for harsh environments

Equipment and Services

The 1555F range from Hammond Electronics is a family of rugged IP67 sealed enclosures designed for wall mounting PCB-based or DIN rail based...

Insulated outdoor enclosures

provide protection for field instrumentation

Equipment and Services

The environmental protection of larger-scale instrumentation installations is made easy by a range of highly insulated outdoor enclosures from...

High temperature resistant epoxy

offers chemical resistance

Equipment and Services

Master Bond has developed a two component epoxy system for service above 260°C. Called EP125LV, this compound is designed to withstand exposure...

Heavy duty routing hoses

speeds up the installation process

Equipment and Services

Parflex XDH Hose, from Parker Hannifin, is designed to help customers route hoses over, under, and through confined spaces. XDH hoses (eXtreme...

Hand lamps

for explosive gas and dust atmospheres

Equipment and Services

R. STAHL has extended its range of lighting technology for hazardous areas, adding two powerful, lightweight plastic hand lamps. Designed for...

Mature quality

shared by the World

Equipment and Services

AOMI enterprise is a collection of development, design, production, sales and service, which is a technical innovation enterprise group. Professional...

Pendant light fittings

for hazardous gas & dust

Equipment and Services

The NVMV series of Ex pendant light fittings for HID lamps has been launched by Cooper Crouse-Hinds. They are robust but compact and lightweight,...

High Product Quality in Cobalt Oxide Synthesis

Dependable ph measurement in harsh process conditions

Equipment and Services

The demand for cobalt oxide is increasing worldwide. For a Chinese producer, accurately measuring pH during production was problematic. METTLER...

Robust DO System Avoids Environmental Issues

Safe organic flocculant production relies on low oxygen levels

Equipment and Services

The production of organic monomers in flocculant manufacture requires low oxygen levels to avoid possible environmental problems and to maintain...

The Lower the Oxygen, the Better the Beer

Stringent Measuring of DO Maintains Beer Quality

Equipment and Services

For Carlsberg in Italy, reliability of implemented measuring systems allows precise control of oxygen in beer and therefore raises quality. In...

Cen-Stat Static Discharge Reels

ATEX / FM approved clamps with retractable cable reels.

Equipment and Services

Cen-Stat static discharge reels provide personnel with a convenient means of stowing static earthing clamps and cable when not in use. The cable...

Earth-Rite® RTR

Static earthing protection for Road Tankers

Equipment and Services

The Earth-Rite® RTR utilises patented Tri-Mode Technology to provide safe and reliable earthing of road tankers by: Verifying...

Nitto Quick-Release-Couplers

Higher flow rate – higher productivity

Equipment and Services

Based on the popular SP Cupla model which is used globally in high quantities the new successor model SP-A has been developed and already introduced...

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