Friday, 25 July 2014

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New Industrial Products

Pressure meter

Yokogawa's DPharp pressure meter offers high performance, precision, accuracy and long term stability with low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). The inherently fail-safe sensor is certified to IEC61508 as standard for single use SIL2 and dual use SIL3.

Measurement and Instrumentation

Yokogawa's DPharp pressure meter offers high performance, precision, accuracy and long term stability with low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)....

Acrylic flow meters

with built-in needle valve option

Measurement and Instrumentation

A multi-turn valve has been added to AALBORG Instruments’ ACRX Acrylic Flow Meter line. ACRX V’s feature complements existing ACRX meters...

Alarm unit

monitors separators

Measurement and Instrumentation

The AFRISO WGA 01 D alarm unit monitors the thickness of the layer of separated liquids in oil, petrol and grease separators and generates an...

Ultrasonic flowmeter

for liquid applications

Measurement and Instrumentation

Krohne introduces the OPTISONIC 3400 ultrasonic flowmeter for liquids. The 3-beam inline flowmeter can be used for both standard and more demanding...

Display panel meter

for process measurement

Measurement and Instrumentation

Designed and manufactured by Omega, the DPi1701 series of 1/8 DIN monochrome, high resolution graphic display panel meter and data logger for...

Differential pressure switch

for low differential pressures

Measurement and Instrumentation

Measuring a low differential pressure across a restriction in a high pressure line requires both a sensitive elastic element and a heavily-constructed...

Wireless level transmitter

using GWR technology

Measurement and Instrumentation

Emerson Process Management aits true wireless Guided Wave Radar (GWR) transmitter for continuous level and interface monitoring. The Rosemount...

Vibration analyser

enables faster data collection and analysis

Measurement and Instrumentation

Emerson Process Management has introduced the CSI 2140 Machinery Health Analyzer, the next generation of its portable tool for analysing machinery...

Oval gear flowmeters

for viscous fluid flow

Measurement and Instrumentation

High-precision Oval Gear (OG) flowmeters from Titan Enterprises can monitor a viscous fluid flow at flow rates up to 500l/min, using stainless...

Pressure transmitters

with high pressure process connections

Measurement and Instrumentation

American Sensor Technologies (AST) now offers its pressure transmitters with high pressure process connections using 316L stainless steel to...

Subminiature transducers

handle high pressure/temperatures

Measurement and Instrumentation

Featuring 1% accuracy, Honeywell Sensing and Control’s Model S Series of subminiature pressure transducers fit into tight spaces with little...

Level measurement devices

offer safety, precision and efficiency

Measurement and Instrumentation

The Micropilot family comprises a total of seven device types – from the standard product for basic applications through to high-performance...

Radiometric densitometer

for slurries and liquids

Measurement and Instrumentation

Berthold Technologies is introducing a densitometer, based on the non-contacting gamma transmission technology. The SmartSeries LB 414 detector...

Low cost humidity transmitter

suits harsh environments

Measurement and Instrumentation

Incorporating advanced electronics, the X-Hum humidity transmitter from DeltaSense offers a high level of performance even in harsh environments....

Temperature controller

for embedded applications

Measurement and Instrumentation

Oven Industries’ 5R7-001 temperature controller creates a seamless transition between heating and cooling devices, as it serves as the commander...

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