Friday, 28 August 2015

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New Industrial Products

Monoflange ball valve

for pipe-to-instrument interfacing

Pumps, Valves and Fittings

A monoflange-style ball valve for interfacing instruments to process piping has been launched by Parker Hannifin. The bidirectional valve range...

Removing layers of system complexity helps to boost productivity

Mitsubishi Electric Europe

Automation and Communication

To meet the challenges of modern process control, companies are looking for the means to increase flexibility, to boost efficiency and to increase...

Innovative drive system

for high-speed material handling

The XTS drive system combines the previously separate advantages of rotary and linear systems. The result is a drive system that effectively...

Water pressure sensors

for long-term operation

When measuring pressure in water applications, an off-the-shelf pressure sensor typically will not do as different operating conditions and variable...

Gas imaging camera

detects refrigerant gas leaks

FLIR announces the FLIR GF304 - a IR gas imaging camera capable of detecting refrigerant gas leaks without needing to shut down your refrigeration...

Surface temperature sensor

features water resistant patch

Measurement and Instrumentation

Omega’s range of Pt100 surface temperature sensors, manufactured in the UK, feature a water resistant flexible silicon patch and moulded lead...

Vortex flow meter

for liquids, gases and steam

Measurement and Instrumentation

Invensys Operations Management's Foxboro I/A Series Model 84F (Style B) vortex flow meter transmits a 4 to 20mA or digital multidrop, as well...

Fieldbus sensors

by Galltec+Mela

Measurement and Instrumentation

For applications in shipping, meteorology and in industry, Galltec+Mela have developed the I series digital humidity/temperature transmitters. The...

Oxygen sensor

no constant recalibration needed

Measurement and Instrumentation

Measurement of oxygen in the air can be done by various physical processes. The modules presented here are zirconica solid electrolyte sensors...

Inline analysis

for liquid concentrations

Measurement and Instrumentation

In numerous industrial manufacturing processes, the inline measurement of concentrations is required to monitor the product quality and to produce...

IP65 WLAN client

for less-demanding applications

Automation and Communication

The Hirschmann industry-grade IP65 WLAN client BAT-C is a basic and inexpensive client, which can be cost-effectively deployed in any WLAN installation...


for the production of thin glass

Measurement and Instrumentation

Raytek adds a model for use in the production of thin glass to its Marathon pyrometer series. The MMG7 sensor measures infrared radiation at...

Portable LED light

for hazardous areas

Measurement and Instrumentation

R. Stahl's portable LED light for hazardous areas offers a maximum luminous intensity of 24,000 Candela and a range of up to 155m at a 1 lx illuminance....

Radio telemetry system

for instant temperature data

Automation and Communication

Datapaq introduces a radio telemetry system that provides live temperature data transmission from inside industrial heating or cooling processes...

Pressure test gauges

for harsh, industrial environments

Measurement and Instrumentation

The Fluke 700G Series Precision Pressure Test Gauges consists of nine easy to use, rugged and reliable models that deliver highly accurate pressure...

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