Wednesday, 1 July 2015

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New Industrial Products


with a capacity of 400 trays per hour

Processing Machinery

Compact and efficient the Crusader T400e traywasher from Industrial Washing Machines Ltd (IWM) has a throughput capacity of 400 trays per hour,...

Ethernet switches

designed for harsh environments

Automation and Communication

The NT100 series of unmanaged Ethernet switches by Red Lion, offers four, five or eight ports and delivering automatic speed, duplex and cable...

Level indicator

for hygienic processes

Measurement and Instrumentation

The AFRISO CoFox CMG 01 level indicator is used for continuous high-accuracy level measurement in tanks containing liquid, electrically conductive...

Classifier mill

with wear-protected ceramic lining

Processing Machinery

For contamination-free grinding Netzsch-Condux Mahltechnik offers a wear-protected version of the Classifier Mill CSM. In the Ceramic-execution,...

Pinch valves

air operated, DN010-DN050

Pumps, Valves and Fittings

Air operated pinch valves of AKO's VMC series are available in nominal diameters of DN010-DN050. The series is based on a multi-functional modular...


with built-in SD card

Measurement and Instrumentation

The RDXL4SD by Omega Engineering is a portable Thermometer & Data Logger with built-in analysis functions. It can accept up-to 4 thermocouples...

Non-contact thermometer

include Bluetooth connectivity

Measurement and Instrumentation

Land Instruments has announced efficiency and accuracy improvements to its Cyclops portable infrared thermometers for non-contact industrial...

Oxygen sensor system

for dissolved and gaseous oxygen

Measurement and Instrumentation

The Sensors Division of Ocean Optics extended the NeoFox family of optical oxygen sensors with the NeoFox Sport. This portable, handheld optical...

Brightness sensors

offer UV measurement

Measurement and Instrumentation

UV measurement is now a standard part of Metso's inline brightness sensors to optimize chemical costs at DIP/RCF plants. The previous two inline...

Conductivity sensors

maximize boiler efficiency

Measurement and Instrumentation

The rugged CS675 and CS676 Stainless Steel Conductivity Sensors from Sensorex are suited for accurate, reliable monitoring of impurities in boiler...

Chlorine sensors

simplify water monitoring

Measurement and Instrumentation

Electro-Chemical Devices has developed a flexible, user-friendly series of sensors for chlorine analysis, designed to easily and cost-effectively...

High speed door

designed for the food industry

Equipment and Services

To meet the specific requirements for hygiene and temperature stability in the food industry, sara LBS has developed the Rapid Food Door. Designed...

Corrosion/erosion data-logger

for remote monitoring

Measurement and Instrumentation

Rohrback Cosasco launched a redesigned corrosion/erosion data-logger. The Microcor Corrosion/Erosion Rate Data-Logger MWT-3905-MDL (MDL) is the...

Temperature sensors

for gas temperatures up to 1,450°C

Measurement and Instrumentation

The thermoMETER CTLaserCOMBUSTION range of non-contact, infrared inline temperature sensors measures target temperatures through flames and temperatures...

Pressure transmitter

offers up to 6,000 bar

Measurement and Instrumentation

The design of the DMP304 ultra-high pressure transmitter is based on a compensated strain gauge, bonded onto a stainless steel diaphragm. With...

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