Tuesday, 29 July 2014

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New Industrial Products

Level transmitter

measures overall and interface levels

Measurement and Instrumentation

The Levelflex FMP55 multiparameter level transmitter can measure both the overall level of a liquid and the interface between two liquids. The...

Oil-free compressor

energy-efficient and high-speed

Processing Machinery

Atlas Copco has announced the launch of a highly energy-efficient high-speed 3-stage turbo oil-free compressor. The ZH 350+ is the most energy-efficient...

Ex-proof enclosures

to suit any hazardous area

Equipment and Services

A range of modular, explosion-proof enclosures for electrical equipment has been launched by Cooper Crouse-Hinds, which can also be tailored...

Oxygen sensor

eliminates false alarms

Measurement and Instrumentation

City Technology has launched the 4OXV oxygen sensor which uses unique vented technology to eliminate false alarms. It moves the reliability,...

Wireless gateways/nodes

for industrial sensor networks

Measurement and Instrumentation

Banner introduces a line of SureCross Performance Wireless I/O Gateways and Nodes, featuring high-power radio frequency (RF) architecture with...

Smart controller

for explosion-proof heaters

Measurement and Instrumentation

Intertec has launched an explosion-proof smart programmable controller for precision temperature regulation of process instrumentation and analyzer...

Dechlorination analyzer

for seawater

Measurement and Instrumentation

The Model DCA-23 Seawater Dechlorination Analyzer from Electro-Chemical Devices (ECD) is a low maintenance measurement solution that requires...

Flue gas analyzer

monitors up to nine different gases

Measurement and Instrumentation

A compact portable flue gas analyzer that can monitor up to nine different gases and 17 measurement parameters has been introduced by Land Instruments....

Control valves/actuator

for wide range of applications

Pumps, Valves and Fittings

Several capabilities have been added to the Fisher GX control valve and actuator system range which make it suitable for a wider range of applications....

Toxic gas detector

for small hydrogen leak detection

Measurement and Instrumentation

Reliable monitoring for small hydrogen leaks in a variety of industrial and commercial facility environments is now available with the TS4000H...

Hose assemblies

offer improved vacuum resistance

Equipment and Services

Parker PAGE International Hose offers PTFE convoluted open pitch, heavy wall hose assemblies. These assemblies have a heavier wall (up to 33%...

Flow meter/conditioner

for waste water treatment

Measurement and Instrumentation

Wastewater treatment plant engineers in search of an accurate, economical solution for air/gas flow measurement in aeration basins will find...

Insertion flow meter

provides bi-directional measurement

Measurement and Instrumentation

McCrometer’s FPI Mag (Full Profile Insertion) flow meter, now offers forward and reverse flow measurement. The Model 394L FPI Mag flow meter...

Graphics-capable HMI

for harsh environments

Automation and Communication

Jetter AG has launched the JVM-407 graphics-capable HMI, designed especially for  use in harsh environments. It may be used for the control,...

H2O2 gas sterilisation

of pharmaceutical freeze dryers

Processing Machinery

VAPOVAC for H2O2 gas sterilisation of pharmaceutical freeze dryers from GEA Lyophil, has recently achieved approval from the US Food and Drugs...

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