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TIMGlobal Media at EMO Milano

TIMGlobal Media, one of the most authoritative source of information in the European industrial panorama thanks to its wide range of multi-language magazines, is participating in EMO Milano with...

HIMA Roadshow is Touring Europe With its Latest Safety Solution

HIMA will be touring Europe from September 1 to early December 2015. Are you registered? Take advantage of this opportunity to experience firsthand how HIMA Safety Excellence can enhance your operational...

Juhayna Food Industries Expand Storage Capacity in Egypt

Juhayna Food Industries, a leading Egypt-based manufacturer of dairy-based products, has enhaced and optimised its warehouse facilities around Egypt with its partner Link Misr, a leading industrial...

Single-Station Gauge Isolator Valves SWS-S1

Single-station gauge isolator valves of type SWS-S1 from Stauff protect pressure gauges and other measuring and display devices against the harmful effects of pressure peaks and frequent load changes....

Oriented Wire Shield 5711 - 5722

Oriented Wire Shield 5711 - 5722 from Holland Shielding Systems BV is a composite gasket material consisting of a large number of small wires embedded and bonded in solid or sponge silicone, or fluor...

Pneumatic Stoppers (PDF)

They are suitable to temporarily plug any type of pipe and, thanks to their perfect seal, isolate a pipe section from possible residual gas and liquids which interfere with line maintenance

Process Instrumentation (PDF)

Siemens range of process instruments are making a big splash. Whether you need to measure pressure, temperature, flow, weight, level, or use electropneumatic positioners, our instruments are engineered to give you the most precise measurement possible

Hollow Shaft Encoder LP35

The new explosion proof and flameproof Model LP35 from BEI Sensors is the first low profile hollow shaft encoder that features a slim 2.01 inches (51mm) profile and is designed to meet UL, ATEX, and IECEx...

Wireless Level Measurement Devices for Overspill Protection

Having access to accurate tank level data is important in tank storage applications, and especially for process control and inventory management within the process industries. Precise and reliable level...

Making the Difference: The Italian Style at ACHEMA 2015

PCN Europe: Could you tell our readers something about CO.RA? Mr. Lardieri: CO.RA was established thirty years ago with the aim of creating a product line for the pharmaceutical industry. To meet...

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