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Hydraulic hose

Power management company Eaton introduced the ICE CHAMPION EC810 hose for extreme low temperature applications. This spiral wire reinforced hydraulic hose withstands temperatures as low as -57°C and pressures...

PTFE tubing

Parker Hannifin offers Texfluor PTFE chemical and corrosive resistant tubing. PTFE, in many cases, is used to replace glass, rubber and stainless steel because of its corrosion resistance. It is resistant...

CNG packaged hose

Parker Hannifin's CNG hoses are electrically conductive hose used to dispense or transfer Compressed Natural Gas. Specifically, CNG hoses are used in gas dispensing applications such as fleet and commercial...

Cyclonic dust collector (Video)

An independent Oregon-based gourmet coffee roaster solved a major dust collection and material handling problem with the installation of a GPC Cyclonic Dust Collector from Aerodyne. At this independent...

Wireless technology (PDF)

At the Slough Heat and Power energy facility in the UK, wireless transmitters monitor changes in boiler condensate conductivity, detecting leaks that could cause boiler damageSSE has extended the use of...

100% oil-free air (PDF, Video)

Shell’s Pearl GTL Gas to Liquid project in Qatar is the largest GTL facility of its kind in the world, and will turn natural gas into clean burning fuels. They were able to rent  compressors, dryers...

Industrial regulators

Emerson Process Management has released the Fisher Type MR105 pressure reducing regulator and Type MR108 backpressure/pressure relief valve for multi-purpose industrial applications. These use a simple...

Radar Transmitter SITRANS LR560 (PDF)

for solids level measurement

Electronic remote sensors (PDF, Video)

The Rosemount 3051S ERS system

Decrease energy costs

You may know intuitively that leaking steam traps in your plant are resulting in lost energy. But do you know how much money is going up in steam? In steam systems that have not been maintained for 3 to...

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