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Submit a Press Release

Submit a Press Release

To discuss any editorial opportunities and contributions you would like to make, please contact:

Press Release Guidelines for PCN Europe /

Processing & Control News Europe's (PCN Europe) mission is to provide its readers with information about new products and services related to process engineering that become available in Europe from around the world.

If you would like your company's new products to be considered for coverage in PCN Europe, please send our editors a technical press release. Many press releases cross the editors' desks every week but only a certain number can be selected to appear in upcoming issues of PCN Europe or on Please consider the following guidelines to increase the possibility of having your product news story published.

  • The product must be new (please provide date on press release) and available in the European market .
  • Press releases should be in English and preferably be 200 to 300 words long, specifying the functions, features and application areas of the product.
  • It is advisable to include a data sheet and application note, if available.

We prefer that press materials (text and image) are sent electronically, although ‘snail mail' (by post) is acceptable. If sent electronically, press releases should be in Microsoft Word; pictures in jpg/tif formats at 300dpi (or higher resolution). To send by post, include a colour photograph of the product itself.

Be sure to give your full company address, as well as the name of your marketing manager and her/his details: email address, telephone, and fax number. We need the email address for forwarding you the leads coming in following the article.

A particular product may be featured only once as an editorial in PCN Europe or on

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