3-A Complient Rupture Discs

Developed specifically for hygienic applications

  • 3-A Complient Rupture Discs
    3-A Complient Rupture Discs

Pharmaceutical, food, and biotechnological industries require rupture discs that ensure compliance with the most stringent hygiene regulations, which are essential for these types of production processes. That’s why DonadonSDD rupture discs have been designed to meet the high-quality standards required by: 3-A SSI, whose aim is to ensure public health through hygiene equipment; MOCA, to ensure that our discs can be installed in direct contact with food; and GMP, to guarantee the traceability of the materials used at any time.

FDA Approved Gaskets

The discs are entirely made of AISI 316L stainless steel (or other alloys upon request of the client) and feature a smooth surface. They can undergo procedures that include CIP and SIP treatments to maintain aseptic conditions. Moreover, the rupture discs can be inserted into Clamp fittings or Tri-Clamps, thanks to PTFE gaskets complying with FDA, USP class VI, 3-A, and Eu 10/2011 regulations, and are non-fragmenting, i.e. they rupture without producing pieces.