3 Solutions to Increase Maintenance Safety & Efficiency

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Make maintenance safer and more efficient!

Maintenance, Processing Machinery

3 Solutions to Increase Maintenance Safety & Efficiency
3 Solutions to Increase Maintenance Safety & Efficiency

10-15% of fatal workplace accidents occur during maintenance operations according to EU-OSHA. Occupational diseases and health problems such as asbestosis, cancer, hearing problems and musculoskeletal disorders are also more prevalent among workers involved in maintenance activities. Brady proposes 3 solutions to help make maintenance safer and more efficient.

  • Professional safety printers: print self-adhesive safety signs and instructional labels and apply them to machinery before they are serviced. Optimally inform maintenance professionals so they can operate safely and efficiently.
  • Lockout/Tagout: isolate machines from their energy supply during maintenance using pre-approved Lockout/Tagout procedures, dedicated lockout devices and professional padlocks.
  • Spill Control: prevent spills that occur during maintenance from spreading on the workfloor where they can cause accidents and delays.


Make maintenance safer and more efficient!

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Posted on May 8, 2019 - (27180 views)
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