Analog I/O Module UniLogic™ version 1.12.20

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An all-in-one controller that exactly matches the application's needs while cutting costs by saving space and wiring

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Analog I/O Module UniLogic™ version 1.12.20
Analog I/O Module UniLogic™ version 1.12.20

UniStream, the ground-breaking modular HMI + PLC controller, recently welcomed a new I/O module with 8 analog inputs. The new I/O module can be snapped onto a panel, or can be located further away as part of a remote I/O configuration. Produced by Unitronics, an industry leader in the development and manufacture of integrated PLC + HMI controllers, UniStream is utterly modular.

The user creates an all-in-one controller by selecting an elegant HMI touch-panel of the size - 7", 10.4", or 15.6" - that suits the application, and then snapping on the CPU and the exact I/O modules required. This gives the machine builder a customized controller that exactly matches the application's needs while cutting costs by saving space and wiring. Supporting the new module is the most recently released version of UniLogic™, the all-in-one development environment for hardware configuration and HMI & PLC Ladder programs.

UniLogic™ version 1.12.20 brings a number of new features that boost application power, such as displaying streaming video via a network camera using the RTSP Real Time Streaming Protocol, and SNMP v1/v2/v3 support. Webserver reach has also been increased, with the addition of beautifully polished Linear and Circular gauge widgets to the Webserver Drag & Drop editor, which enable a remote user to watch running application values via an Internet browser, as if they were viewing the gauges on the HMI panel display. UniStream™ supports RS485, CANopen, SNMP, UniCAN, and MODBUS (serial and Ethernet).

Unistream™ can adapt to third-party protocols; the USB and serial ports support external devices such as modems, printers, barcode readers and more. UniStream™ is a fine example of the Unitronics all-in-one concept: PLC and HMI in one unit plus free personalized tech support and a unified, free programming environment, all in one convenient, customer-friendly package.

Posted on March 9, 2015 - (816 views)
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