Consolidation of Know-How for CO₂-Neutral Energy Solutions

With the foundation of NEA GREEN GmbH & Co. KG, the NEUMAN & ESSER GROUP (NEA GROUP) is further expanding its portfolio as a solution provider for "green gases" and strong partner for the decarbonisation of energy and industrial systems.

  • August 17, 2021
  • Consolidation of Know-How for CO₂-Neutral Energy Solutions
    Consolidation of Know-How for CO₂-Neutral Energy Solutions

NEA GREEN consolidates the production, engineering and service know-how of the NEA GROUP for the production, storage and transport of green hydrogen. The focus is on products and services for the intelligent, safe and efficient production and use of hydrogen as an energy carrier. NEA GREEN thus covers the growing demand of companies for consulting, feasibility studies, concepts, project development, implementation and sales support for CO₂-neutral hydrogen systems. 

NEA GREEN is the latest unit with which NEA GROUP is strategically aligning its ENERGY SOLUTIONS business division to the decarbonisation of the economy. It had already started the upgrading of its energy division in 2020, with a reinforcement by "AEDS - AE Driven Solutions GmbH", "ARCANUM Energy Systems GmbH & Co. KG, HYTRON Energy & Gas and INFINIUM. The technological expertise along the green hydrogen value chain thus ranges from electrolysis and compression to biomethane, fuel cell and e-fuel applications. Projected onto the demand for climate-neutral energy systems, overarching solutions are made possible.