Electromagnetic Flowmeter for Conductive Liquids

JUMO flowTRANS MAG H20 measures with top precision

  • Electromagnetic Flowmeter for Conductive Liquids
    Electromagnetic Flowmeter for Conductive Liquids

The new electromagnetic flowmeter for conductive liquids from JUMO can be used with flexibility in a wide range of processes. In addition to the flow measurement, the temperature is also measured. A modern HMI allows configuration via Bluetooth and the JUMO smartCONNECT app.

The SPE (Single Pair Ethernet) interface with PoDL (Modbus TCP, JUMO Cloud connector) enables simplified JUMO Cloud connection and consistent IP communication from the field to the automation level.

Flow is one of the standard measurands in many different industries. As a result, many processes can be implemented depending on the applied measurement medium, the required accuracy, and the process conditions. JUMO already offers products for flow measurement that operate via differential pressure, the calorimetric measurement method, or the magnetic-inductive measuring principle. The new device uses the magnetic-inductive measuring principle and stands out with its high degree of accuracy.
Its accuracy is +/- 0.5 % of the measured value.