Filling/closing machine

offers high output with 100% control

  • Filling/closing machine
    Filling/closing machine

With the filling and closing machine MLF 5088, Bosch Packaging Technology offers an output of 400 vials per minute with integrated 100 percent in-process control (IPC). The newly developed member of the proven MLF series is able to fill and close injection bottles in a processing range of 2 to 100 milliliters. The machine is suited to process pharmaceuticals in aqueous and low-viscosity solutions. All vials are weighed directly before and after the filling station. By comparing both measurements, the absolute filling weight is determined. The machine automatically adjusts the volume in case of deviating quantities.

A new method, patent pending, places the containers very gently on the IPC scales. Due to the new slim design, the MLF 5088 is completely accessible from the front even with closed barrier. Pumps, for instance, can be safely and easily inserted at the filling stations. This leads to improved handling as well as highest possible product safety. Another innovation is the MLF 5088’s container carrying and flow-friendly vial transport system, which is used in a 100 percent IPC machine for the first time. The vials are transported through the machine with format cells which guarantees a safe handling of the containers.

The machine features a combined filling station with eight dosing heads. This enables the machine to work either with piston, peristaltic or rolling diaphragm pumps, or a time-pressure filling system, thus covering up to 99 percent of all filling systems in use for pharmaceutical machines. A combination with different barrier systems is also possible: The MLF 5088 is suited for restricted access barrier systems (RABS) and isolators, as well as closed RABS (cRABS) for toxic products and containment systems.

The MLF 5088 is the first machine of its series that is equipped with a continuously working stoppering station. The transfer from intermittent to continuous transport is accomplished with the help of a segment wheel. This transfer is essential for the use of this kind of stoppering station. The MLF 5088 is suited for line integration. It can be combined with an upstream washing machine and sterilization tunnel and a downstream capping machine.