FLUXUS® G Non-Invasive Gas Flow Measurement

FLUXUS ® G gas flowmeter series sets standards in terms of ultrasonic clamp-on flow measurement of gases.

  • FLUXUS® G Non-Invasive Gas Flow Measurement
    FLUXUS® G Non-Invasive Gas Flow Measurement

FLEXIM's ultrasonic gas flow meters use the proven clamp-on transit-time correlation technique also employed for the F series liquid meters. Special ultrasonic transducers are simply clamped onto the outside of the pipe and never come in contact with the gas.   The FLUXUS® G series contains a broad variety of transmitters and transducers: from basic models for standard applications up to robust measuring systems for offshore use or for use in hazardous areas.   Whether for portable use, for rackmounting or for permanent installation, or even for offshore use: FLEXIM offers the appropriate FLUXUSR G to meet each measurement challenge. ATEX and FM certified measurement systems for use in hazardous areas are available. Versatile process interfaces assure optimal integration into the user's process.   Typical Applications:
Gas Storage Facilities
Gas Transmission
Natural Gas Extraction
Chemical Industry
Petrochemical Industry
Offshore Manufacturing Industry