Highly Flexible Magnetic-Inductive Sensors

Accurate measurement for low and medium flow rates

  • Highly Flexible Magnetic-Inductive Sensors
    Highly Flexible Magnetic-Inductive Sensors

With the SM89x-SM9xx series ipf electronic introduces electromagnetic sensors for flow measurement, dosing and temperature measurement of conductive media, which are suitable for highly flexible use even under demanding environmental conditions. The devices of the series, which are completely made of stainless steel, consist of a compact unit of sensor and evaluation electronics and are primarily used for measuring small and medium flow rates in pipelines. They are offered in seven device variants for a wide range of process connections (G1/4, G1/2, G3/4 and G1), covering measuring ranges from 0.01 l/min to 100 l/min. In addition, the sensors impress with precise response times of sometimes less than 100 milliseconds, for example, when monitoring dosing.

Quick-select for preferred functions

Almost all settings can be made using the four keys on the easy-to-read color digital display. Functions such as dosing or temperature measurement (PT1000) can be assigned to quick-select keys to avoid having to navigate through individual menu levels when making selections. The display also offers numerous options for on-site configuration and calibration to prepare the sensors for almost any measurement situation. If desired, the display warns of limit value violations with changing color and visualizes additional information in addition to the measured value of the corresponding unit (l/min, l/h, m3/h, l/s, gal/m, gal/h, °C, °F).

Other special features: On request, the solutions can be designed as two-part systems even for ambient temperatures from -40°C to +140°C (optionally also for media temperatures up to +140°C). The new sensors are flexible not only due to their wide range of applications, but also with regard to mounting. Since the color display can be digitally rotated in 90° steps, the devices can be installed in almost any mounting position with a display that is always easy to operate and read.