Intrinsically Safe I/O Modules

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They control both valves and valve terminals from various manufacturers

Automation & Communication, Explosion Protection & Safety

Intrinsically Safe I/O Modules
Intrinsically Safe I/O Modules

WAGO‘s 24 VDC Valve Ex i 4-Channel Digital Output Module (750-539) controls both valves and valve terminals from various manufacturers (e.g., Bosch, SMC, Festo, Norgren) in Zones 1/21 and 0/20. This special I/O module version permits a higher output current of about 50 mA, while providing twice the number of channels.

4-Channel Analog Input Module Opens Up New Possibilities

WAGO‘s 750-486 4-Channel Analog Input Module allows transmitter signals to be recorded for the following measurement ranges: 0 … 20 mA and 4 … 20 mA, as well as 3.6 … 21 mA (NAMUR NE43). The four channels can be individually parameterized and offer tremendous flexibility for new applications in the process industry, marine sector or in process engineering.


Both modules are ATEX- and IECEx-certified, making them ready to connect sensors/actuators in hazardous areas of Zones 1/21 and 0/20. Diagnostics are performed channel-by-channel (e.g., short circuit, wire break or out-of-measurement range). Furthermore, the modules‘ compact design saves space in the control cabinet. WAGO‘s two new Ex modules are in stock and ready to ship.

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It began with an idea. Our basic thought was to find an alternative to the normal screw-type connection in the connecting technology field. From this idea we developed spring clamp terminal blocks. WAGO underpinned its conviction that this was the method of the future with the founding of the company in 1951 and has not wavered from this course since then. This technology has long since become the worldwide standard and modern electrical connecting systems and automation without WAGO products is unimaginable

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