Leak-free Mag-drive Pumps

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For safe handling in hazardous environments

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Leak-free Mag-drive Pumps
Leak-free Mag-drive Pumps

Reliable, leak-free pumping is essential in many fluids handling applications and absolutely critical when the process involves corrosive, toxic, explosive or any other type of hazardous liquids. Magnetically coupled centrifugal pumps, are by design, one of the safest and most reliable options and the DICKOW KM Series of pumps. The Series is a range of seal-less, single-stage, volute casing pumps with a maximum flow rate of 70m³/hr maximum differential heads to 65 metres and maximum operating temperature up to 200ºC. key benefit of the magnetic coupling design is that it results in a seal-less pump and because mechanical seal failure is sometimes regarded as the ‘Achilles heel’ of other types of pump, these potential problems are eliminated. This minimises the potential for downtime and lost production along with no cross contamination of the pumped liquid, less wastage, no environmental hazards due to leaks and increased operator safety.

Horzontal or vertical mount

These robust, reliable pumps can handle liquids with viscosities between 0.1 cP and 200 cP and are available in either horizontal or vertical configuration and in a choice of wetted materials of either cast iron, cast steel and stainless steel. The vertical configuration option with the motor mounted on the top eliminates the need for a base plate so is ideal when space is limited. The single elements of the multipolar magnet coupling are manufactured from Cobalt-Samarium with unlimited lifetime durability while the magnets in the driven rotor are completely encapsulated and not in contact with the liquid. Power is transmitted to the hermetically sealed liquid end by a bank of external magnets and the inner and outer magnet rings are locked together by magnet forces and work as a synchronous coupling.

For loading, unloading and bulk transfer

The internal clearance between the rotor and containment shell is 1.0mm for the standard containment shells which allows handling of fluids containing small solids. The pump drive shaft is carried by oil lubricated anti-friction bearings rated for 25,000 operating hours and the oil bath is protected by a labyrinth seal. When fitted with suitable Ex-drive motors, the pumps can be applied in hazardous area Group II, category 2 situations while they also meet the basic health & safety requirements of Explosion-proof Directive 94/9 EC and so are suitable for sites with increased safety requirements. Typical applications for Dickow KM Series pumps include tanker unloading and unloading and transferring to and from bulk storage vessels. For example, in food or beverage processing, soap and cosmetics manufacturing, biofuels production, bulk chemical storage, or wherever there is a need for reliable, leak-free pumping of larger volumes of hazardous liquids.

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