Mass Flow Control Redefined

Compact Multifunctional Mass Flow Meter/Controller

  • Mass Flow Control Redefined
    Mass Flow Control Redefined

The new FLEXI-FLOW by Bronkhorst combines the advantages of a unique through-chip-sensor with proven by-pass technology. The compact thermal mass flow meters and controllers are 35% smaller than traditional instruments for flow ranges up to 20 ln/min. The instruments feature very stable flow control, but also very fast control, with settling times smaller than 100 ms.

FLEXI-FLOW instruments have integrated temperature and pressure sensors and an on-board gas database for highest accuracy, even at varying process conditions. With this new technology, the instruments are adaptable to many applications through their wide dynamic flow ranges (up to 1:1000). The temperature and pressure signals may provide the user with information about the actual process conditions.

For easy setup and monitoring of the instruments and your process, Bronkhorst introduces a USB-C port, optional Bluetooth communication, and NAMUR status indication by means of coloured LEDs and digital output parameters.