Monitoring water quality

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Monitoring water quality
Monitoring water quality
Monitoring water quality
Monitoring water quality

To monitor the quality of its discharged water, a manufacturer of dairy products uses a custom-made cabinet containing all necessary instruments and analyzers, and allows for data acquisition, remote transmission, recording and monitoring of all information. Senoble, a French family company founded by Sophie Senoble, began its life in 1921 as an artisan cheese factory before becoming a dairy in 1940. In the sixties Senoble stopped making cheese to start producing fresh dairy products. The Senoble family business grew rapidly in the 80's in retail brands, taking the group through a strong expansion in Europe during the past 10 years. Senoble currently has 5 milk production plants in France and subsidiaries in Spain, United Kingdom, Benelux, Germany, Slovakia and Italy. With a total of 3,400 employees, a production of 650,000 tons and a turnover of 1,100 million euros in 2009, Senoble group boasts of 100% growth since 2002. In Spain, Senoble is the second largest manufacturer of dairy products through its plant in Noblejas (Toledo), inaugurated in 2002, which is supplied by milk cooperatives Castilla la Mancha, Extremaduraand Andalusia, and Asturias and Galicia. The current legislation regarding protection and management of water requires industries to control the discharged water quality. In Senoble's case, the Confederación Hidrográfica del Tajo (Tajo River Water Confederation) obliges the company to comply with the requirements set by law. In the Noblejas (Toledo) production plant a booth was set up to monitor water quality at the outlet of the wastewater treatment plant. It was necessary to measure various water quality parameters (pH, conductivity, turbidity, nitrates, spectral absorption coefficient, phosphates, ammonium) and flow (in an open channel). In addition, recording and remote transmission of all data allows monitoring with instant viewing from a remote control center. Senoble had Endress+Hauser build a cabinet which has been installed in the Toledo treatment plant. The cabinet is equipped with panels measuring pH, conductivity, turbidity, 2 Stamosens ultraviolet absorption analyzers for continuous measurement of nitrate and SAK (spectral absorption coefficient). In addition, Stamolys CA71AM and CA71PH colorimetric analyzers perform continuous analysis of ammonia and phosphates. For data acquisition, remote transmission, recording and monitoring of all information, the shelter has a Fieldgate FXA560 gateway. In addition to collecting the analog signals of all instruments, gateway has digital inputs that can monitor the status of all transmitters. Subsequently, the gateway GSM transmits the data to a remote monitoring center where the data is displayed on a computer by employing Fieldgate Viewer for obtaining graphs, tables, status, alarms, etc. The implementation of the whole application and all instruments and analyzers in the cabinet was completed in less than a week. In addition, to ensure smooth operation, Endress+Hauser regularly performs the required tasks of inspection, maintenance and recalibration of the instruments.

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