Multifunctional Mass Flow Meters/Controllers for Gases

Compact device series with enhanced functionalities and adaptability

  • Multifunctional Mass Flow Meters/Controllers for Gases
    Multifunctional Mass Flow Meters/Controllers for Gases

Building on the success of the acclaimed FLEXI-FLOW Compact series, Bronkhorst presents a comprehensive line extension offering unparalleled versatility and precision in gas flow measurement and control. FLEXI-FLOW Compact sets a new standard in compactness, functionality and adaptability, serving a wide range of applications with precision and efficiency.

Integrated EtherNet communication 

The latest iteration of the FLEXI-FLOW Compact range introduces a number of innovative models and features, including instruments tailored for lower flow ranges from 0-5 mln/min. In addition, the range now includes downported instruments for applications where top-mounting is required, and flow controllers with integral shut-off valves to provide a higher degree of leak tightness or emergency shut off. One of the key enhancements to the FLEXI-FLOW Compact Series is the inclusion of EtherNet communication, providing seamless connectivity and integration capabilities for modern industrial environments.

The new models, like the original FLEXI-FLOW Compact instruments, utilise a unique through-chip sensor combined with proven bypass technology. These thermal mass flow meters and controllers offer exceptional performance and are 35% smaller than traditional instruments, making them the smallest on the market for flow ranges up to 20 ln/min.

Fast response for precise control

Advanced sensor technology ensures not only stable flow control, but also fast response times, with settling times of less than 150 ms, enabling precise control even under dynamic process conditions. Integrated temperature and pressure sensors and an on-board gas database ensure unparalleled accuracy over varying process parameters, making the instruments adaptable to a wide range of applications. They also offer comprehensive monitoring and control features, including integrated temperature and pressure sensors, a USB-C port for easy setup, optional Bluetooth communication for improved accessibility, and NAMUR status indication via coloured LEDs and digital output parameters.

Whether as pre-configured models, built-to-order solutions or customised multi-channel systems, the FLEXIFLOW Compact range offers unrivalled flexibility to meet specific application requirements. With free and intuitive software tools for configuration, diagnostics and predictive maintenance, Bronkhorst ensures seamless integration and optimal performance in various industrial environments.