Multipoint RTD and Thermocouple Thermometer Family

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For oil & gas and chemical applications

Measurement & Instrumentation

Multipoint RTD and Thermocouple Thermometer Family
Multipoint RTD and Thermocouple Thermometer Family
Multipoint RTD and Thermocouple Thermometer Family
Multipoint RTD and Thermocouple Thermometer Family

Endress+Hauser presents iTHERM MultiSens, a unique new range of standardized, easily configurable and globally available multipoint temperature instruments for the oil & gas, petrochemical and chemical industry. The linear and flexible RTD or thermocouple multipoint assemblies can be fully customized to meet the most challenging customer and process requirements while offering the utmost simplicity in configuration, ordering, installation, commissioning and maintenance.

Increasing process safety and performance

With their innovative safety features and diagnostic capabilities iTherm is increasing process safety. They produce accurate and reliable temperature profils, linear or 3D with up to 59 individual sensors. With their high mechanical robustness and reliability they can be used in high-pressure, high-temperature, corrosive process environments. Committing to the challenging task of optimizing temperature measurement in oil & gas, petrochemical and chemical applications without compromising process safety, iTHERM MultiSens multipoint thermometers set out to offer all the benefits of specially engineered, custom-made assemblies while drastically reducing the complexity and length of the entire process from quotation to project delivery.

Diagnostics for higher process transparency

A unique multi-barrier safety concept adds a vital containment layer for high-pressure, high-temperature and corrosive environments. The advanced diagnostic chamber also enables operators to identify, evaluate and predict potentially dangerous process conditions. The unique Endress+Hauser online configuration tool streamlines the process of laying out and configuring multipoint temperature solutions. What previously used to be a complex and lengthy process has now been set up for maximum ease, availability and speed. The digital platform also provides quick insights into what options are available to operators to further boost their temperature measurement capabilities and to increase plant efficiency.

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