OPC UA-Based OT/IT Integration Solution With MQTT Connection

Flexible, container-based solution for managing complex system architectures

  • OPC UA-Based OT/IT Integration Solution With MQTT Connection
    OPC UA-Based OT/IT Integration Solution With MQTT Connection

Data exchange plays a particularly important role in the integration of production and management levels up to edge and cloud applications. Already with a small number of servers and clients, the architecture becomes very complex. With the new edgeAggregator, Softing provides a central data integration layer that reduces complexity while addressing the large number of variables as well as managing access rights and special security requirements
The edgeAggregator has three key functions: 

  1. As an OPC UA aggregation server, it handles the aggregation of up to 100 OPC UA servers and supports up to 25 OPC UA server endpoints. 
  2. As an IoT cloud gateway, it handles bidirectional data transmission with cloud applications via MQTT Publisher/Subscriber functionality. 
  3. As Security Supervisor, it is responsible for the central management of the security parameters of the OPC UA and MQTT connections, such as users and certificates, and acts as an "OPC UA Firewall" for protection against attacks. 

As a Docker container, edgeAggregator can be easily configured and deployed as an edge solution or with central cloud platforms. The interface abstraction of edgeAggregator allows continuous adaptation and scaling of IoT solutions based on OPC UA and MQTT throughout the entire lifecycle. Users thus gain a high degree of flexibility while significantly reducing integration and configuration costs. 

ACHEMA 2022 Exhibitor: Hall 11.0, E16