Solutions for Control and Automation

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The system calculates the input of goods and resources, optimises recipes as well as processing and refinement procedures, and maximises delivery capabilities

Automation & Communication, Maintenance, Explosion Protection & Safety

Solutions for Control and Automation
Solutions for Control and Automation

CSB-System provides control and automation of the flow of information and materials throughout the entire value chain, from receiving via production and internal logistics up to final dispatch. These modular and scalable industry-specific solutions are suitable for any type of operation, and the CSB portfolio also comprises solutions for mobile collection of internal and external data.

The system calculates the input of goods and resources, optimises recipes as well as processing and refinement procedures, and maximises delivery capabilities. At the same time, it guarantees high product quality, traceability and food safety. With an increasing focus on the Smart Food Factory of the future, CSB will present information about IT solutions that can be used for production automation as well as for online machine data capture and automated data capture.

Other field-proven components in this area, such as mobile company applications, cloud solutions, RFID and software-aided maintenance will also be demonstrated. Also on show will be CSB´s image processing technology. Among its benefits, this enables fully automatic classification and sorting of raw materials based on defined criteria, which leads to optimised control of production and elimination of rejects.

Posted on May 16, 2016 - (254 views)
An Fürthenrode 9-15.
52511 Geilenkirchen - Germany
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