Magnetic Resonance Based Multiphase Flowmeter

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A free course that covers an extensive introduction to the measuring principle as well as important topics related to multiphase flow measurement

Measurement & Instrumentation

Magnetic Resonance Based Multiphase Flowmeter
Magnetic Resonance Based Multiphase Flowmeter

A new course on "Magnetic Resonance based multiphase flowmeter" was released on the KROHNE Academy online eLearning platform. The free course covers an extensive introduction to the measuring principle as well as important topics related to multiphase flow measurement. Starting with the definition of multiphase flow, the course leads into traditional measurement technology used for multiphase flow.

History and basic physics of Magnetic Resonance (MR) are explained, and in more detail the physics of MR multiphase flow measurement. Construction, installation and calibration of a MR multiphase flowmeter are covered, as well as its inline-self-characterisation feature, accuracy and key benefits.

The course consists of two learning modules with corresponding tests allowing participants to assess their knowledge. Currently available in English, both German and French are planned to be released in a few weeks. The course adds to a whole range of courses on process instrumentation already available at the KROHNE Academy online.

Posted on May 12, 2016 - (415 views)
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