Temperature sensors

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for gas temperatures up to 1,450°C

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Temperature sensors
Temperature sensors

The thermoMETER CTLaserCOMBUSTION range of non-contact, infrared inline temperature sensors measures target temperatures through flames and temperatures of combustible gases from 200°C up to 1,450°C. The series by Micro-Epsilon includes 3 models: the C2, C4 and C6.

The C2, with detector wavelength of 4.24µm, is designed to measure the temperature of flame gases that contain CO2. Typical applications include flame gases in the burning of waste products or garbage, combustion chambers and processes inside chemical reactors.

The C4 is for measuring the temperature of workpieces or objects through flames. The detector wavelength of 3.9µm allows the sensor to ‘see through’ the flame, as at this wavelength the combustion gases are transmissive to the detector. In this way, users can safely monitor the temperature of the workpiece inside a chemical reactor, industrial oven or furnace, or to observe the brick temperature in combustion chambers.

The C6 model, with detector wavelength of 4.64µm, is for measuring the temperature of flame gases that contain carbon monoxide (CO). Application examples include chemical reactors, burning of waste and combustion chambers.

For all temperature measurements between 200 and 1,450°C, the 3 sensor models measure at short wavelengths (3.9-4.64µm), which minimises temperature measurement errors on surfaces with either low or unknown emissivity. The sensors have a precision double laser sighting system, combined with an optical resolution of 45:1 and with selectable close focus optics, a minimum spot size of 1.6mm, all of which offers an attractive price/performance ratio.

The double laser sighting system has two laser beams, which precisely follow the infrared optical path, marking at any distance the real spot size. Most common pyrometers use a central laser beam, through-lens sighting system or video sighting, which simply mark the centre and estimate the spot size. Fast signal processing and quantum detector enable fast response times of just 10ms.

The thermoMETER CTLaserCOMBUSTION is protected to IP65 and can be used in ambient temperatures from -20 to 85°C without any cooling required. The sensors have an automatic laser switch off at 50°C. A range of accessories and optional extras are available, which help to protect the sensor in harsh operating environments. These include Furnace Wall Mounts, air and water cooling jackets and sighting tubes. The sensors are offered with analogue outputs (0-10V, 4-20mA), K or J type thermocouples outputs as standard, with a range of integrated digital communications interfaces, including Profibus DP, CANopen, USB, RS232, RS485 and Ethernet available as options.

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