Wireless Systems for IoT Connectivity

Easier asset monitoring for increased effectivity of industrial equipment

  • Wireless Systems for IoT Connectivity
    Wireless Systems for IoT Connectivity

Sensata Technologies announced the availability of its new Industrial Wireless Systems that allow implementation of scalable, cost-effective connectivity to industrial equipment.

Scalable solutions for versatile applications

Wireless networks eliminate the installation and maintenance costs associated with wired systems for continuous asset monitoring. The breadth and configurability of system devices, which include wireless pressure and temperature sensors, gateways, receivers and transmitters, gives it scalability and adaptability to work in a range of industrial applications. 

Long-range sensor connectivity

To simplify setup, Sensata’s wireless systems feature out-of-the-box configurations while still allowing for the flexibility to program to specific requirements. In addition, Sensata’s system uses a proprietary wireless protocol to reliably deliver sensor data up to 500m in environments with obstructions and supports a range of connectivity options to communicate with other systems. 

Sensata’s robust portfolio of wireless systems simplify and lower the cost of connecting data from assets in hard to maintain locations for smart factory solutions, helping increase the productivity, reliability and performance of assets.