Tuesday, 21 November 2017

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Beswick Engineering Co Inc

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284 Ocean Road

03840 Greenland

Tel.: +1-603-4331188
Fax: +1-603-4333313

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Rotary Selector Valve

November 2017

Rotary Selector Valve

With ¼-28 UNF and 10-32 UNF threads

Beswick introduced the small 10-32 UNF threaded ball valve. Soon after that, the mixing/diverting model took home “The Best New Product”...

Mixing/Diverting Ball Valve

November 2015

Mixing/Diverting Ball Valve

With ¼-28 UNF straight threads, it features one common inlet port

Beswick's miniature mixing/diverting ball valve was designed for applications requiring a port selection valve. The valve features one common...

Miniature Flow Regulator

April 2009

Miniature Flow Regulator

suited for low pressure regulation

The PRDHF high flow regulator weighs approximately 35g in brass & stainless steel and about 18.2g in aluminium. This non-relieving high flow...

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