Monday, 11 December 2017

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Resolve Optics Ltd

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HP5 2PT Chesham

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Lens Talk: Technology for the Nuclear Industry

November 2017

Lens Talk: Technology for the Nuclear Industry

Driven by safety considerations the Nuclear Industry has a desire for higher and higher resolution, remote viewing of its operational facilities. For this reason, the uptake of CMOS colour sensors in place of traditional monochrome cameras is increasing

PCN Europe: What are the key criteria that a lens system has to satisfy in order to meet the needs of the nuclear industry? Mr. Pontin: ...

Bespoke Infrared Optics

August 2017

Bespoke Infrared Optics

Operating in the infrared (IR) region (1-14 microns) for demanding applications

Bespoke fixed focus and zoom lenses as well as beamsplitters that operate in the infrared (IR) region (1-14 microns) were designed and supplied...

UV Zoom Lens

April 2017

UV Zoom Lens

For safe remote viewing of nuclear fuel assemblies through 10 metres of water

A North American camera manufacturer has been supplied by Resolve Optics Ltd. with small batches of a custom UV zoom lens enabling...

Non-browning Glass Lenses

April 2016

Non-browning Glass Lenses

The new 6mm focal length Model 214 and 9mm focal length Model 286 lenses deliver high image resolution (f2) and minimal geometric distortion from 400 - 750 nm

Resolve Optics has expanded its range of fixed focus non-browning lenses for close-up inspection tasks in high radiation environments. Designed...

Custom optical systems

May 2011

Custom optical systems

for harsh environments

Optimised custom optical systems are designed by Resolve Optics for hostile environments where radiation, extremes of temperature / pressure,...

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