Friday, 23 June 2017

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New Industrial Products

Re-usable Capmats

Offer increased chemical resistance

Equipment and Services

Porvair Sciences announces a new range of 96-well (square and round) capmats made from 100% pure silicone that has been conditioned for...

UV Zoom Lens

For safe remote viewing of nuclear fuel assemblies through 10 metres of water

Equipment and Services

A North American camera manufacturer has been supplied by Resolve Optics Ltd. with small batches of a custom UV zoom lens enabling...

Soft-sealing Cutting Ring

With the capacity to compensate settling effects

Equipment and Services

New in the Stauff Connect product range and introduced for the first time at the Hanover Trade Fair: FI-WDDS-type soft-sealing cutting rings,...

Filtration Solutions

For hydraulic and lubrication oil applications

Equipment and Services

The Filtration Division of power management company Eaton will demonstrate how its filtration solutions designed for hydraulic and lubrication...

Tray Packing Machinery

The consistent internal lubrication combats the risks of uneven wear and elongation, and does away with the need to apply expensive food grade lubricants

Equipment and Services

Tsubaki has developed a special chain for the tray packing machinery widely used in the food and beverage industry. It is internally lubricated...

Non-Drip, Medical Grade One-Part Epoxy

It resists repeated sterilizations and bonds well to a wide variety of substrates including glass, metals, ceramics and most plastics and has superb physical strength properties

Equipment and Services

Master Bond engineered a one part, heat curing, biocompatible epoxy compound with paste consistency. The EP3HTND-2Med Black is a high strength,...

Multi-purpose Paper Oil Mobil DTE PM Excel

Mobil DTE PM Excel was designed to help paper manufacturers reduce costs and increase productivity and is suitable for a multitude of paper machine applications which require a high performance gear or circulating oil

Equipment and Services

ExxonMobil has launched Mobil DTE™ PM Excel, a multi-purpose paper oil designed to help paper manufacturers reduce costs and increase productivity....

Low Maintenance LED Floodlights

The new 6125 series (for Zone 1) and 6525 series (for Zone 2) floodlights achieve excellent luminous flux

Equipment and Services

R. STAHL launches a new generation of flexible, energy-efficient LED floodlights for hazardous areas. The new 6125 series (for Zone 1) and...

Truck Oven Up to 600°F

No. 936 is a 600°F (316°C) truck oven from Grieve has a workspace dimension of 36” W x 36” D x 60” H. 24 KW and it is used for hi-temp processing of parts

Equipment and Services

This Grieve truck oven has 5” insulated walls, top-mounted heat chamber and Type 304 2B finish stainless steel interior. Features also...

Liquid Concentration Analyzers

To determine the concentration of process liquids

Equipment and Services

SensoTech has developed the new LiquiSonic® V10 system generation that provides an inline analytical solution used to determine the concentration...

Resistant Gloves Vertigo Check & Go

With high-performance-polythene (HPPE) fibre

Equipment and Services

Honeywell announced today a new range of extremely strong yet lightweight cut resistant gloves for workers in the automotive, maintenance, logistics,...

ATEX Certified Safety Lights

For professionals working in high-risk industries

Equipment and Services

Peli Products presents its latest ATEX certified lights at the ADIPEC. They are used by professionals working in the oil&gas, fire and...

Computer Printable Label CILS-91000-DHL/TK

Off-shore oil rigs adopted computer imprintable label method for safety compliance

Equipment and Services

Printed data can become illegible when exposed to weathering, abrasion and hydraulic fluids etc. An off-shore oil rig operator turned to...

Electrically Insulative Epoxy EP3UF

Well suited for underfill applications, Master Bond EP3UF is a single component compound that cures rapidly at elevated temperatures. It offers thermally conductivity, electrical insulation and dimensional stability

Equipment and Services

Master Bond EP3UF is a low viscosity system that has good flow properties and can be applied in bond lines as thin as 10-15 microns....

ATEX Certified Safety Light 3315RZ1

The 3315RZ1 produces up to 176 lumens, up to 48 hours of continuous run time in three modes: high, low and flashing. It is a versatile safety torch thanks to its compact design, lithium ion rechargeable battery and the ATEX certification Zone 1, Cat. 2

Equipment and Services

With safety in mind, Peli™ Products announnces the launch of the new 3315RZ1 ATEX certified light, engineered for professionals...

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