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Tools for Easy Removal of Bearings

Bega Special Tools presents tools for easy and safe installation and removal of bearings and other transmission components in railway vehicles. Particularly for the Rail and Metro business a number...

Wastewater Treatment: The Second Life of Garbage

Dumped by truckload into stockpiles, waste from surrounding communities must first be sorted. A grapple (a massive version of those claw arcade games) picks up around 100 kilograms of garbage in each grab,...

Digpro Will Supply their dpHeating Operator to Fortum Värme

Digpro, the major innovator in the field of Geographic IT, has been chosen to supply their dpHeating Operator to the Swedish energy company Fortum Värme. dpHeating Operator will support Fortum Värme...

Ultrasonic Flowmeter OPTISONIC 3400

The ultrasonic flowmeter OPTISONIC 3400 is now available with heat meter approval according to MID 2014/32/EU Annex VI MI-004 (and harmonized CEN EN1434, OIML R75) in accuracy classes 1, 2 and 3. Target...

Hydrogen Gas Flow Meter

Instrument and plant engineers responsible for managing processes with a wide range of hydrogen gas applications will find the ST100 Series Thermal Flow Meter from Fluid Components International (FCI)...

On-board Reliquefaction Plants

The evolution of the geographical distribution of industrial activities, combined with an overall increase in capacity, and the concentration of the production in few large plants, made logistic management...

A Radar Beam Focused Like a Laser! (PDF)

The latest cutting-edge technology from the world leader: the unsurpassed focusing of VEGAPULS 64. This enables the radar beam to be targeted at the liquid surface with pinpoint accuracy, avoiding internal obstructions like heating coils and agitators

On-Site Hydraulic Hose Assembly

For anyone running a site or operation where hydraulics is used extensively on plant and equipment - especially if that set-up is distant from a source of parts and service - there can be a very strong...

Thermal Imaging Clamp Meter

Thanks to the latest released FLIR CM174, the first thermal imaging clamp meter with IGM™ (Infrared Guided Measurement), electricians have a highly effective tool for quick and efficient troubleshooting....

PMSXpro Distributed Control System

Automation and process control of the plant is handled by Mitsubishi Electric's PMSX pro distributed control system (DCS) complying with state-of-the-art technology and Q Series redundant automation stations, to provide 99.99% of automation availability

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