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NIMU, Non-Invasive Monitoring Unit
NIMU, Non-Invasive Monitoring Unit

Rembe GmbH Safety + Control

NIMU, Non-Invasive Monitoring Unit

REMBE’s wide-ranging product line-up of signalling devices for specialists in explosion protection and process safety has now been enhanced even further by the addition of NIMU (Non-Invasive Monitoring...

Earth-Rite® PLUS
Earth-Rite® PLUS

Newson Gale Ltd.

Earth-Rite® PLUS

The IECEx / ATEX / SIL 2 certified Earth-Rite PLUS static earthing system provides positive verification of a static ground connection on a wide range of industrial plant equipment. The Earth-Rite...

Earth-Rite TELLUS
Earth-Rite TELLUS

Newson Gale Ltd.

Earth-Rite TELLUS

The Earth-Rite TELLUS monitors static earth connections for a wide range of filling, blending and mixing applications. The flexible and lightweight indicator station is easy to install, and can be mounted...

ACHEMA trade show

ACHEMA trade show is the World forum for chemical engineering and the process industry, the innovations' platform and technology summit. It offers an international network of experts and executives, 15 - 19 June 2015 - Frankfurt am Main, Germany

Control valves (PDF)

VeGA 1-6940 control valves by Parcol are available with diameters of up to 24", quick-change trim and characterization through holes in the cage. VeGA globe valves are used in services which are critical in terms of pressure, temperature, noise etc.

Signal conditioners (PDF)

Pepperl+Fuchs' signal conditioners offer protection against signal noise caused by ground loops, allow conversion into standard signals for universal use in control systems, and feature signal splitting for parallel signal use by different systems.

Steam trap monitoring (PDF)

Knowing the status of every steam trap can save up to 20% of steam loss and € 3 million a year in lost energy. The Rosemount 708 Wireless Acoustic Transmitter offers visibility to all critical steam traps through a WirelessHART monitoring system.

Electrical Explosion Protection Equipment

Wide range of terminal boxes, control units and stations, Ex d/Ex de control and distribution panels as well as many more products and solutions

Metal-seated Ball Valves

The metal-seated ball valves line Fisher™ Z500 was introduced by Emerson Automation Solutions to its severe service portfolio. Fisher Z500 metal-seated valves are engineered to withstand higher...

Cable Glands for Hazardous Areas

Pepperl+Fuchs introduces a comprehensive portfolio of cable glands including accessories for individual sales. Cable glands made from polyamide feature full impact resistance of 7 Joules. This feature...

Dense Phase Conveying System

The continuous dense phase conveying system E-finity® for fragile materials from Schenck Process is a patented technology. Precise pressure monitoring and airflow corrections allow the...

Hitting Top Quartile Performance

Global businesses should strive for consistent, standards-based reliability practices throughout their plants and their enterprise. Emerson’s Reliability Consulting has solved this problem for many big clients

Flexibility and Functionality in a Compact Component

Pepperl+Fuchs in Mannheim works continuously to make the handling of fieldbus installations even simpler and more secure. The FieldConnex® Multi-Input Output (MIO) represents another significant milestone...

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