Friday, 22 September 2017

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Industrial Videos

Ultrasonic Flow Meter ES-FLOW

Ultrasonic wave technology can measure tiny volume...

Measurement and Instrumentation

Bronkhorst has developed the new ES-FLOW Flow Meter featuring a new Ultrasonic Wave Technology and added a new series to their...

Aspirating Smoke Detector

It detects any breakages or blockages in the sampling...

Measurement and Instrumentation

The ASD 535 is the flagship model of the ASD detector range. It can monitor an area of up to 5760 square metres. Available as a single-sensor...

Electromagnetic Flowmeter Proline Promag D 400

Optimized for basic water applications and limited...

Measurement and Instrumentation

Designed for basic water applications, the wafer device Promag D is optimized for all the situations where space is at a minimum. Combined with...

Mass Flow Controller EL-FLOW® Prestige

Flow meters for gases with the Differential Temperature...

Measurement and Instrumentation

Bronkhorst is proud to introduce its next generation of Mass Flow Meters/Controllers for gases, EL-FLOW® Prestige. Nearly...

Guided wave radar

in tar tank level application

Measurement and Instrumentation

At a manufacturer of natural smoke flavors for meat, poultry and food applications, unreliable capacitance-based level measurement devices have...

Pressure transmitters

lower plant lifecycle costs

Measurement and Instrumentation

Honeywell launched its SmartLine range of industrial pressure transmitters, which will enhance communication abilities, improve operational efficiency...

Visual infrared thermometer

fills the gap between thermometers and thermal imagers

Measurement and Instrumentation

Fluke has introduced the VT02 Visual IR Thermometer, a troubleshooting tool with an infrared heat map. Until now technicians had to choose between...

Photoelectric sensors

for hygienic and washdown environments

Measurement and Instrumentation

Banner Engineering announces the QM26 and the QMH26 photoelectric sensors, designed for food and beverage and pharmaceutical industries. Influenced...

Guided radar level meter

is SIL2-compliant

Measurement and Instrumentation

Krohne's OPTIFLEX 2200 C/F modular guided radar TDR level meter offers a modular design of housing and probe ensures suitability for a variety...

Coriolis flowmeters

improve response and batch cycle times

Measurement and Instrumentation

GF has reduced filling times, improved accuracy and repeatability, and enabled tighter filling tolerances for its high technology filling machines...

Differential pressure level transmitter

eliminates the need for impulse lines

Measurement and Instrumentation

Endress+Hauser announces the Deltabar FMD72 Electronic Differential Pressure measurement system. It uses two pressure sensor modules connected...

Optical gas imaging camera

at improves environment and safety

Measurement and Instrumentation

Petrochemical plants often handle invisible gaseous hydrocarbons. They may be toxic, or cause health issues, others are highly flammable, and...

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