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Industrial Applications

Happy Medium, Happy Pump

Meeting the needs of high temperatures and viscosity handling is a real challenge. ONIXline Rotary Lobe Pump from Börger can handle demanding high pressures up to 16 bar and has no wearing parts

Pumps, Valves and Fittings

Finding that happy medium between a pump that can handle high temperatures but also handle highly viscous products appears to have taken a distinct...

Can a Timing Belt Improve Pumps Performance?

The German pump manufacturer Netzsch Pumpen & Systeme employed Contitech belt drive to increase the efficiency of its rotary lobe pump and reduce maintenance in sensitive applications, like Food & Beverage

Pumps, Valves and Fittings

ContiTech heavy-duty timing belts can significantly improve the performance, installation and maintenance of pumps in sensitive applications....

Offshore Maintenance and Leaks Detection

Visual inspection technology leading supplier Inspectahire selected Flir GFx320 for maintenance inspections and hydrocarbon detection jobs, in hydrocarbon production plants

Measurement and Instrumentation

Inspectahire offers equipment rental, contracting and project engineering services supported by a team of skilled engineers who have a wealth...

Automatic Lubrication System To Prevent Downtime

BMW Regensburg installed in its plant, on a large ventilation fan, a multi-point automatic lubricator from Schaeffler, the FAG CONCEPT8, that helped save from 5 to 6 hours maintenance per month

Processing Machinery

Inadequate lubrication can cause unplanned downtime which results in costly stoppages to production. To prevent it, BMW Regensburg installed...

Oil and Gas Transport in Deep Sea

The Fraunhofer Institute for Production Technology IPT led the EU research project “ambliFibre” focusing on the manufacturing of special pipes and pressure vessels able to withstand the extreme conditions for oil and gas transport in ultra deepwater

Processing Machinery

To transport raw materials from the seabed to the surface, pipes for the oil and gas industry, particularly risers, have to meet specific requirements....

Demagnetizing Oil Pipelines in Situ

Goudsmit Magnetics has recently solved a case of remnant magnetism by demagnetizing PE coated pipelines, delivered by the Dylan Group Netherlands, of a new oil refinery to be built in Southeast India

Processing Machinery

To have the magnetism disappear or to reduce it to a workable level, Goudsmit has developed a system that consists of a low frequency generator...

Connected Plant Technology Employed in Chinese Petrochemical Plant

Honeywell UniSim® Operations is a cloud-deployed learning solution that provides an interactive, real-time plant simulation as the foundation for a comprehensive training program to improve operators’ knowledge and skills

Automation and Communication

The petrochemical company Shanghai SECCO Petrochemical Company Ltd. will upgrade its operator training simulator (OTS) system to the Honeywell...

Filling Milk Powder into Cans

Corresponding knowledge and expertise are required to construct machines with a modular design that are capable of filling the milk powder cleanly, precisely and efficiently into the cans. This is why Swiss Can Machinery selected Kollmorgen

A solution for different applications and industries: the filling and packaging systems at Swiss Can Machinery AG shows how this objective can...

Optimizing Water Systems with a Software

For boosting pumping station, Mitsubishi Electric released MAPS SCADA, an upgraded software implemented in Samara, Russia, for water treatment and water supply system

Automation and Communication

In 2015 Samara Municipal Systems started a refurbishment programme with 37 boosting pump stations. While replacing obsolete or worn-out control...

Flexibility and Functionality in a Compact Component

Offering intrinsic safety and simple handling, the FieldConnex® Multi-Input Output (MIO) from Pepperl+Fuchs it’s a compact fieldbus component that allows to connect digital signals to the fieldbus via a single address

Automation and Communication

Pepperl+Fuchs in Mannheim works continuously to make the handling of fieldbus installations even simpler and more secure. The FieldConnex® Multi-Input...

Recycling Water Supply: The Use of Clarifiers Equipment

Removing a significant amount of solids can be one of the most challenging parts of the process to recycle water supply. For this purpose, the water treatment industry relies on clarifiers or settlement tanks to ensure continues reliable operation

Equipment and Services

The investment in large infrastructure, such as clarifying equipment, is the result of considerable planning and preparation so site managers...

Getting Clean and Safe Drinking Water

ThermTech replied to this challenge launched by Thames Water by providing a more complex and best-performing version of its activated carbon system to meet stringent water clean up requirements for contaminants removal

Processing Machinery

Providing the population with clean drinking water is a dirty job. Many processes need to be implemented to remove impurities from waste water....

Better Use of Water Resources Through Asset Management Optimization

Wastewater management is a critical issue to face in today’s industry. In this article, Surendra Mappana explains how dedicated water automation products are helping industrial water users and utilities address the key challenges

Automation and Communication

The challenge of delivering clean and safe water to more users in more dispersed locations is becoming acute, with water utilities under ever...

Prevention of Failure in LDPE Plants

Vibrations and pulsations in reciprocating compressors cause very often shutdown, failures and disruption of service. This is why controlling and assessing vibration problems at an early stage is pivotal

Vibrations in rotating equipment Vibration is one of the main and more common causes of failure or unscheduled shutdown on rotating equipment....

Improved Motor Efficiency in the Water Industry

The water industry provides one of our most vital resources right to our doorstep, so minimum performance standards must be guaranteed. Raising efficiency becomes therefore the top priority to reduce energy costs

It has been estimated that as much as 90% of all industrial electrical energy consumed within the water industry is used to drive an electric...

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