Friday, 23 June 2017

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New Industrial Products

Ultrasonic Flow Meter ES-FLOW

Ultrasonic wave technology can measure tiny volume flows from 4 up to 1500 ml/min with high precision

Measurement and Instrumentation

Bronkhorst has developed the new ES-FLOW Flow Meter featuring a new Ultrasonic Wave Technology and added a new series to their...

Spring-loaded Thief Hatch Enardo ES-665

ES-665 provides tank access as well as pressure and vacuum relief to accommodate tank pressure changes that occur under normal conditions. It offers users industry-leading performance to address emissions regulations

Pumps, Valves and Fittings

The Enardo ES-665 spring-loaded thief hatch was developed by Emerson Automation Solutions for use on low-pressure storage tanks in...

Flow Chemistry Systems

Comprise two high pressure pumps

Measurement and Instrumentation

The Uniqsis FlowLab™ range are affordable and easy-to-use flow chemistry systems ideal for use in research, education and for those...

Re-usable Capmats

Offer increased chemical resistance

Equipment and Services

Porvair Sciences announces a new range of 96-well (square and round) capmats made from 100% pure silicone that has been conditioned for...

Data Management Software System

Designed for use on food lines

Automation and Communication

To support global food manufacturers in meeting the documentation and active managerial control requirements of the Food Safety Modernisation...

Compressors Control Unit

It adjusts automatically the motor speed according to the flow rate

NEO-WiFI compressors control unit from motive is the evolution of the famous remote controlled patented “NEO-WiFi” drive. NEO-WiFi now...

Piezoresistive OEM Pressure Transmitters

With -40?150 °C-capable signal conditioning

Measurement and Instrumentation

The Series 4 LC…9 LC family of miniature OEM pressure transmitters from Keller combines a piezo resistive pressure sensor with -40…150...

eWON Connects SCADA Systems to 330 Remote Sites

Due to extreme heat, each building requires to be cooled down in Dubai: no less than 70% of total electricity consumption in a building is dedicated to air conditioning

Measurement and Instrumentation

Due to extreme heat, each building requires to be cooled down in Dubai: no less than 70% of total electricity consumption in a building is dedicated...

Atrato Ultrasonic Flowmeters

They can enable accurate and reliable dosing of expensive mining reagents in the flotation stage of a mineral extraction process

Measurement and Instrumentation

Titan Enterprises has announced that JLC International Inc., its agent for North & South America, has recently shipped thirty-nine Atrato...

UV Zoom Lens

For safe remote viewing of nuclear fuel assemblies through 10 metres of water

Equipment and Services

A North American camera manufacturer has been supplied by Resolve Optics Ltd. with small batches of a custom UV zoom lens enabling...

Air Pollution Analyzer Calibrators

To create precise gas concentrations from high parts per million (PPM) to low parts per billion (PPB)

Measurement and Instrumentation

Valco Instruments Company Inc. (VICI), the analytical instrumentation specialist, selected Alicat Scientific as one of its preferred suppliers...

Safety Manager

Based on Quadruple Modular Redundant (QMR) technology, it provides a Safety Integrity Level (SIL)-certified integrated safety platform

Automation and Communication

Safety Manager is the safety solution of the Experion Process Knowledge System (PKS). Based on Quadruple Modular Redundant (QMR) technology,...

ATEX Control Panels

For large hazardous area Ex rated

Automation and Communication

Bürkert is one of the few OEM manufacturers of large hazardous area Ex rated process panels and as such supplies engineering firms and end users...

Soft-sealing Cutting Ring

With the capacity to compensate settling effects

Equipment and Services

New in the Stauff Connect product range and introduced for the first time at the Hanover Trade Fair: FI-WDDS-type soft-sealing cutting rings,...

Filtration Solutions

For hydraulic and lubrication oil applications

Equipment and Services

The Filtration Division of power management company Eaton will demonstrate how its filtration solutions designed for hydraulic and lubrication...

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